How to Move The Right Way

  1. Some of the stuff you packed should be left behind!!

During the moving phase the most common discovery is that you have much more than you thought you did. And frankly, how much of it have you used really? Most movers end up remembering that a substantial percentage of the stuff they paid to move could have been left behind and that It took time, energy and money to haul it.

Solution: Packing and cleansing are two activities which are distinct. Trying to clean out in a short span of time is way too much effort during the packing process. Start the cycle of editing at least two months before travelling. Taking one room at a time and pick whether to throw out, recycle or donate. That means you will have less to do when it's time to leave.


  1. Some of the furniture from the old home may not fit

One of the common problems when transferring furniture from one location to another is that the size or design of the main pieces is not working in the new location. You can have a yard sale and give away the items literally, then you can spend money on new ones. Solution: Your key pieces of furniture should be modern in design, colour-neutral and as flexible as possible. Search for sofas or sectionals that can be divided into smaller pieces or extended into large pieces as needed and invest in bold or vibrant accent pieces once you move in to add some pop to your classic neutral furniture. Buying some graphic pillows or an area rug is far cheaper.


  1. Heavy furniture makes life harder

The heavier the furniture used to be, the better the quality. Yet this is no longer so, due to developments in fabrication and materials. So if you've got to haul your big, giant sofa up a couple of stairway steps, you may not like it as much as you if did. Solution: Before you buy, remember the weight of the furniture. Look for well-constructed pieces which feature lightweight materials. Even better, consider buying quickly breaking down furniture, or even flat-picks, to save you time and money on your next move. Even if you don't want to move, lightweight furniture makes rearranging or cleaning around it easier.


  1. Paint and decorate right away or it won’t happen

Let's face it frankly. If you've moved in the last few years you've still got some boxes you haven't unpacked yet. Or you decided to tackle home improvement projects, and never got around to starting them. You have to strike while the iron is hot before you settle into a regular routine

Solution: It is best to decorate a new home straight away. If you have any improvements that you want to do, such as updating the furniture, painting or repairing the flooring, do them before you move in – or when you do. Before you arrive, it is much easier to get the messier tasks like painting and flooring finished, if you can't do them in advance, make them a priority when you move in.





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